An Educated Audience

by Ken Poyner


He returns from the stolen recital agog. He knew the rogue violinists could play, but he was amazed at how many deigned to gather in the open glade, unhurriedly submit to orchestration. Each seemed pleased with his or her part, no matter the size or anonymity. Quibble would have predicted rancor, more violinists pursuing private purposes. A cacophony of stray notes and battered bars that would be, in their individual music, the death of music. Instead, he was stunned by their spontaneous suggestibility for order. Now, he has to accept that, at least in his presence, chaos can be arranged.

Ken Poyner

Ken Poyner’s eleventh book, “Winter’s Last Apple”, is just out. Eight of his previous ten books are still in print. He lives in Virginia with his wife of 45+ years, assorted rescue cats and various betta fish. “Café Irreal”, “Analog”, “Grey Sparrow”, “Mad Swirl”, elsewhere.