Just Go for It

by Brad Rose

A close up of a monkey, photo by Pavel Statsenko
Photo by Pavel Statsenko@Unsplash

I’m a wild man. I was raised by guinea pigs. Somehow, in college, I got snake energy. After those rattlers bit me in my dancing foot, I could really throw down a wild Wha Watutsi. Dancing makes me happy, although this place looks like it could use a few more square feet. Naturally, it takes a while to get the hang of it, so I sleep with one eye open. Between breaks in my circadian rhythm, I like to sleepwalk through interstate traffic, you know, wind my way through the intersectional underground overpass. At the lower end of the great chain of being, there are a lot of things to worry about, even if a picture is worth a thousand words. Of course, I’m as confused by the cowbirds as I am by the horseflies, but I guess experience is whatever happens to you. Hey, did you get the emergency bulletin? It looks like the vital malignant disinformation is late again. Third time this week. I have no idea why all the antimatter disappeared. Maybe it’s because the dark matter is color coordinated? You can never be too careful.Some people say I don’t care what anybody says. Does a clock care what time it is? In fact, I was pretty happy at work until my boss wanted to pay me in 14 carat gold, so I quit my alchemist’s job. I told him, Don’t you even think about it, Mister Pinchpenny. What’s the takeaway? Whenever you think you might shoot yourself in the foot, don’t over think it. Just go for it.

Brad Rose

Brad Rose is the author of five collections of poetry and flash fiction and the forthcoming volume, WordInEdgeWise. His blog is https://bradrosepoetry.com/blog


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2023-Dec-06 02:17

I really enjoy how Brad shows us what it's like to be near the edge, and yet not having actually tumbled. Since I too walk that line, I found quite enjoyable and relatable. All right!

Trilety Wade
2023-Dec-07 16:56

. . .and he does it with a delightful sense of humour too! Really enjoyed this