Losing Enough

by Pamelyn Casto

A young man on a rock by the sea, photo by Rahul Chakraborty
Photo by Rahul Chakraborty@Unsplash

We dwelled in the sufficiencies of our days; the times when enough was ample and abundant—the times when the weather worked tolerable degrees and fullness fell as easy as autumn-gilded leaves. It was enough, really, middling and surely adequate--enough to satisfy. At least in retrospect. But something began eating the edges; some hunger gnawed with dingy rodent teeth as deficiency bloomed and ample bled from the bites into dearth and paucity-when enough just wasn't any more. When enough could not be found, ennui broke bread and ate it all, then skittered away on sneaky centipede feet. Thin waists were bound to knobby backbones and the muffled child cried from the cupboard as the rodent chewed and the house was eaten away--when enough just couldn't suffice and enough was made of enough.

Adapted from a poem originally published in Wild Strawberries

Pamelyn Casto

Pamelyn Casto's book, Flash Fiction: Alive in the Flicker, A Portable Workshop, includes a history of flash literature, craft essays, a workable marketing strategy, markets, teaching exercises, prompts, and much more. She has written articles on flash fiction for various magazines-- including Writer's Digest, OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters, Fiction Southeast. She also writes prose poetry, poetry, haibun, and essays.


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2023-Dec-06 02:04

For me, the haunting quality of this piece uncovers quite beautifully how the inseparable connection between fulfillment and want can worm its way into our satisfaction and leave us unwilling or unable to simply accept that which formerly had been enough. Nicely done, Pamelyn.

Trilety Wade
2023-Dec-07 16:55

Yes, I agree! Plus that opening sentence was a yowzer!

Alla Sobirova
2023-Dec-21 12:02

Maybe it's in our nature. We never have enough and it's high time to stop! Many gratitudes to Pamelyn Casto and her hard work on flash fiction!!!