Night Sight

by Pamelyn Casto

A dark street, photo by Khachik Simonian
Photo by Khachik Simonian@Unsplash

Another leaden moonstruck night sprawls its sickly illumination--where all visibilities seem escapees from a far and lunatic borderland. Under the eaves, dull by a dim street light, spiders scuttle on crooked legs weaving shrouds for blunderers who supply juice for nocturnal rites. A restless cat with matted fur, its green void-mirror eyes drawing in the fungal light, drags a scrawny shadow down a wasted alley to drop its venereal litter beneath a galled shrub. From a dull throat, something growls; off in shadows a gaunt dog gags, coughs up something viscid, then limps away between blind houses. On the horizon, insidious technologies dry-heave invasive particulates upon this concrete land of fallen trees.

Pamelyn Casto

Pamelyn Casto's book, Flash Fiction: Alive in the Flicker, A Portable Workshop, includes a history of flash literature, craft essays, a workable marketing strategy, markets, teaching exercises, prompts, and much more. She has written articles on flash fiction for various magazines-- including Writer's Digest, OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters, Fiction Southeast. She also writes prose poetry, poetry, haibun, and essays.




2024-Feb-29 23:52

Atmospheric and exquisitely rendered. I was especially taken with the dog that limps away between blind houses.

Many thanks, Pamelyn.