A Taste of My Own Medicine

by Brad Rose

An extended hand, photo by Shameer S
Photo by Shameer S@Unsplash

The whereabouts of my body remains unknown, but I don’t take it personally. In fact, of all the criminal cephalopods, I’m told octopuses are the best. I mean, they’re only babies, but who’s to know if they’re disgruntled or merely handy with a pipe wrench? All information is suspect. Every Saturday, I like to schmooze with the newly arrived escapees. They seem to enjoy hapless entertainment, so I’m their man. Of course, I’m not Mr. Lovey Dovey, but my handcuffs are always sterilized and I have a certain come-hither glint in my eye. I love showing others how it's done. The razor wire goes a lot farther than you might think, especially in the extra-large roles. Don’t forget to restock your first aid kit.

By the way, why have you brought me here?

Brad Rose

Brad Rose is the author of five collections of poetry and flash fiction and the forthcoming volume, WordInEdgeWise. His blog is https://bradrosepoetry.com/blog


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2024-Jun-01 18:47

I've often wondered, too, if an octopus is handy with a pipe wrench. Just kidding, I think only the wild and wonderful Brad Rose thinks of these things, and I'm glad he does.