Just In Time

by Ken Poyner

Orchestra, photo by Larisa Birta
Photo by Larisa Birta@Unsplash

With our orchestra broken, there is little in town to entertain us. Work, food, sex, and television can become statistically unspectacular. Without the orchestra, our citizens simply drone on. Then someone notices that porch lights of late have been burning out more often than before. Through constant observation, we tie Linda to these appliance failures. No doubt: Linda is a witch. But, just as we are preparing to torch her before a gathered dull public, a cadre of rogue violinists shows up. Nothing like our orchestra, but music nonetheless. So, Linda is reprieved. But we need an orchestra, not happenstance.

Ken Poyner

Ken Poyner’s eleventh book, “Winter’s Last Apple”, is just out. Eight of his previous ten books are still in print. He lives in Virginia with his wife of 45+ years, assorted rescue cats and various betta fish. “Café Irreal”, “Analog”, “Grey Sparrow”, “Mad Swirl”, elsewhere.


More: https://kpoyner.com


2024-Jun-01 22:58

Yes indeed, a bit of fun absurdism that is both light and serious as a scapegoat. And we do need an orchestra, all of us. Thanks Ken!

2024-Jun-03 18:29

Saved by the strings.