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Dog Throat Journal is dedicated to the publication and promotion of unusual, thought provoking flash fiction and prose poetry. We consider flash fiction to be a work of fiction up to 1000 words.

We consider prose poetry to be poetic prose that combines lyrical and idiomatic elements, uses imagery and metaphor, uses (mostly) standard punctuation, and forgoes the line breaks that are generally associated with poetry in favor of flowing paragraphs.


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Submissions open start of day (00:00 UTC), close end of day (23:59 UTC)

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Read The Guidelines

This ought to go without saying, but unfortunately it doesn't.

Please read the guidelines before you submit. And follow them. Most authors already know this, but it bears repeating: when you don't follow the guidelines, it comes across as if you don't care enough and/or aren't careful enough. This could be the furthest thing from the truth, but we won't know that.

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Thank you. If you have any questions, get in touch.
Victor D. Sandiego
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