by Patricia Hope

A country fence, photo by Edan Cohen
Photo by Edan Cohen@Unsplash

Let my spirit sleep among the pointed tops of the hemlock, hear the sigh of the tulip trees’ gilded leaves as they glide by me, feel the wind lift my hair as I adjust to my newfound freedom, hear the call of the owl on the ridge, the clucking of fowl feeding along the fencerow, as I watch the stars spot the velvet sky, wrestle with a moonbeam as it spills through the night searching for something to spotlight.

Let me pick a bloom from the long hedge that lines the road and blow its petals like soft kisses at passersby. Let me visit old friends, family, who knew me as a child, we’ll talk for hours as we float in and out of sunlit clouds, hook a ride on a speeding star just because we can.

Patricia Hope

Patricia Hope’s award-winning writing has appeared in the Anthology of Appalachian Writers, Guideposts’ Blessings in Disguise, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Southern Writers, The Writer, Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel, Agape Review, Pigeon Parade Quarterly, The Mildred Haun Review, Blue Ridge Country, Mature Living, The Gargoylicon, Upper Room, Home Life, The Tennessee Conservationist, Liquid Imagination, American Diversity Report,and many newspapers, magazines, and anthologies. She has edited two poetry anthologies and published two novels, including Lonely Way Back Home (2017). She lives in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.




2024-Feb-29 23:44

I really enjoy the meditative quality of this piece. It has an agreeable calming effect. Thank you, Patricia.

Patricia Hope
2024-Mar-01 21:20

Thanks, Victor. Believe it or not, this was written to an ekphrastic prompt of a pond with dead trees around it.